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Couples and psychosexual therapy

Psychosexual and relationship therapy- How I work

This is for individuals or couples (or those with a romantic or sexual relationship) who want to attend issues which are relational or sexually based. I use an integrative approach which means I use a variety of styles adapted to what suits your needs best. I take an active part in what's going on by listening and giving feedback. The problematic dynamic often recreates itself within the counselling room, providing the opportunity for insight and direct work. When this occurs my task is to keep the communication channels open, equal and to encourage responsibility and expand awareness. I encourage empowerment with being self-reflective, honest, truthful and direct.

During our initial sessions, we collaborate to gain a clear idea of what's required, thus keeping our work focused. All I ask is that you're willing to work and to grow. We may agree 'homework' so that the process is continued and expanded upon outside of sessions, but this would obviously be your decision. This may include experiential exercises, reading or online engagement

I am particularly interested in improving couples communication and deepening intimacy and understanding. I have many years of experience with sexual compulsivity and internet-related issues. I work with trauma and the impact of sexual assault. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and a loss of interest in sex all regularly show up as presenting issues.

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