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'When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail'. Abraham Maslow

Counselling & Psychotherapy.
Psychotherapy is a joint weekly commitment that lasts for 50 minutes. I offer therapy that is collaborative, respectful, and tailored to you. Psychotherapy aims to help us with understanding ourselves, and our lives and to foster expanding consciousness. I aim to support you in improving the quality of your life, whatever that may personally mean. My hope is that you find deep self-acceptance and meaning in life's difficulties. By gaining insight, there's a possibility you can take charge of your life and implement change. I aim to respect all genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, religions, and all other individual differences.

An individual's pace and learning processes are unique. Those that show commitment and perseverance to the process get the best results. Everyone has a deeper and wiser self that knows what's required to unfold and develop. Therapy provides a space to listen within. When existing destructive patterns of behavior or negative thinking can block this process and I will challenge this. Collaboratively we will discover what really matters to you and what inhibits you from getting this. I will both support and challenge you to work through unresolved early life material and associated unprocessed emotions. Clearing traumatic imprints is deeply essential work to function effectively in the here and now. It fosters resilience, coherence and expands hope and possibility

I identify and build on each individual's strengths and resources while we tackle the existing problems together. I expect you to take full responsibility for your recovery and life process. You may gain awareness of how you self-sabotage and how to address this. Our therapeutic relationship is a central factor and I work creatively and collaboratively.

My approach is both 'embodied' and 'somatic'. Our brains, bodies, nervous systems, gut, and heart are all interconnected and reciprocal. We experience life through our bodies influencing our thoughts and emotions. Our bodies and senses help to access and process implicit memory-making making the unconscious conscious. Together we will discover your strengths and essential qualities to develop the potential that may lie dormant in you.

'If you take care of the minutes, the years take care of themselves'

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