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Who I work with.

Individual therapy
I see clients on a weekly basis for mutually agreed periods of time. Occasionally during a crisis, I may offer a one-off single session and more intense blocks of sessions. I do not offer ad-hoc sessions as I believe depth work requires sufficient containment

Couples Therapy
We will explore how early personal and family system experiences may impact your current intimate relationships. Significant relationships often contain a deep and powerful meaning for being together. There's usually something to be learned and often early life material that needs healing and resolution. Relational patterns and defenses may need to come into consciousness and be attended to. Couples' work can help develop individual self-awareness. Many couples present when one or both parties have a decision to make. They may need to manage change and understand a process and learn to adapt. Generally, successful partnerships consistently update and renegotiate 'the rules'. Without fail, unresolved developmental issues become activated and problematic in couples. In a way, the current conflict or trigger can be the symptom that's attempting to direct us toward deep inner healing

Psychosexual therapy.
This may suit those experiencing difficulties in their partnership or sexual relationship. Problems can be longstanding or related to more recent events which can cause stress, confusion, or unhappiness. I aim to treat the cause as well as the symptoms exploring psychodynamic and systemic aspects. I encourage mindful awareness and phenomenology. Noticing thoughts, emotions, body sensations, and movements as they are experienced can sometimes help tell us about present situations.

Clinical supervision.
Supervision provides a safe, protective relationship and space to be creative, to develop knowledge, understanding, and skills. One of its functions is to protect the best interest of the client. The supervisee can offer an account of their work with clients, reflect on it, receive feedback, and, where appropriate, guidance. It can help the supervisee gain and maintain ethical competence and confidence and monitor good practice for the benefit of the client and clinician. I am a Recognised Training Supervisor (RTS) as well as a Senior Accredited COSRT supervisor

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